VIDEO: Patrice Bergeron Fights Blake Wheeler

Thursday night’s matchup with Winnipeg was an important one for the Bruins, who were out to erase all memory of the beatdown they suffered in the previous game.

This game featured three fights, with the B’s showing some much needed emotion and character. But one of the fights featured two unusual combatants.

Former Bruin Blake Wheeler dropped the gloves with Patrice Bergeron, and the two had themselves a pretty heated exchange. The fight stemmed from a brief exchange of slashes and shoves at center ice about five minutes prior. Bergeron must have been truly pissed to go seeking a fight in this fashion.

Clearly it is true that all friendships are put on hold the moment you step on the ice.

This was the fourth fighting major of Bergeron’s career, and despite not being an experienced fighter, he is not afraid to tango with a bigger man. Bergeron is listed at 6 feet 2 inches tall, and has fought 6-foot-5-inch Wheeler, and 6-foot-8-inch Tyler Myers.

And just for fun, let’s take a look at Bergy’s first career fight, when we discovered that he is a lefty fighter.

Concuss that!

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Mark Garbino

Journalism major at the University of New Hampshire.

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