Yeah, you read the headline right.

Brad Marchand is notorious for his on-ice antics. Might I even say, infamous. But out of all of Marchand’s antics and taunts, this is definitely one of his best ones.

During Saturdays competition between the Boston Bruins and Dallas Stars, Brad Marchand and Patrick Eaves had a few words. But after some back and forth between the two, Marchand did his best to shut-up Eaves once and for all – by trying to kiss him.

As you see in Pete Blackburn’s tweet above, Marchand puckered his lips only inches away from Eaves face, which resulted in Eaves shoving Marchand away. And rightfully so.

So what do you guys think? Is this Marchand’s GTOAT? (Greatest Taunt of all Time)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


2 thoughts on “Brad Marchand Tried to Kiss Patrick Eaves

    1. A good one, for sure. Although they did lose the game Marchand kissed his ring finger and raised an imaginary cup. In this case, they destroyed the Stars, making the taunt icing on the cake.


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