Tyler Johnson Takes Puck to the Face in Bloody Scene

Late in Sunday night’s game between the Bruins and Lightning at the Garden, Tampa Bay forward Tyler Johnson was drilled in the forehead by a clearing attempt from Kevan Miller. Johnson immediately fell to the ice while covering his face, and it was obvious he was seriously injured.

When the camera along the glass panned to him, it revealed a stream of blood pouring from his face and helmet, leaving a puddle on the ice.

It should be noted that Johnson wears a visor, but it is one of the small visors that barely covers any of your face. Chances are, the visor didn’t do anything in this case.

The video of this incident is very graphic, and should not be watched if you are queasy or do not like the sight of blood. You have been warned.

There was not an update on Johnson’s condition after the game, but I can safely assume that he spent a lot of time on the doctor’s table getting stitched up.

Hockey, man.

[Photo via bruins.nhl.com]

Mark Garbino

Journalism major at the University of New Hampshire.

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