Bruins vs. Hurricanes Preview: What’s at Stake?

Get this: there is only three games remaining in the Boston Bruins regular season – and playoffs start in less than a week.

Time fly’s when you’re having, er, fun? Is fun the right word?

Despite the fact that these last two months have been a roller coaster ride from hell, we can’t dwell on the past. It’s important to focus on the next three games ahead of us. And today, we’re on to Carolina.

Allow me to explain why this game is so important. The current playoff standings suggest that the Bruins are trailing both the Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers by one point. The Bruins and Red Wings have three games remaining, while the Flyers have four. The Flyers play the Red Wings Wednesday night, while the Bruins will play the Red Wings Thursday night. In other words, one of these three teams is going to screw over the playoff hopes of their opponent at some point this week.

The good news is, if the Bruins win all of the final three games of the regular season, they will undoubtedly make the playoffs considering they play the Red Wings Thursday night. And theoretically, they could make the playoffs winning just one game out of the three, however it would take Detroit losing their last three games, and/or Philadeplhia losing their last four games. Realistically, the Bruins are pushing for the eight-seed in the Eastern Conference, in which they would likely take on the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round. Granted, you never know what will happen in the final frame of the season, so don’t place your bet on this just yet.

To wrap this up, a Bruins win against Carolina will give them 93 points, and will subsequently allow the Bruins to surpass both the Red Wings and Flyers in the standings – leading by just one point. Furthermore, either the Red Wings or Flyers will surpass the Bruins in the standings tomorrow night, considering they play each other. You can’t rule out overtime, however, which would close the gap in the standings even more.

At the end of the day, the only way for the Bruins to guarantee a spot in the playoffs is if they win their last three games. Anything less could result in the Bruins being eliminated from the playoffs for the second straight year – and furthermore, all hell would break loose. I really, really don’t want to see that.

(Photo by: Getty Images/Bruce Bennett)

Nick Godin

In addition to running Bruins Diehards, Nick Godin has covered the Boston Bruins for various websites for over five years. He currently works for the Providence Bruins, and was a credentialed Portland Pirates writer. Nick is also a co-host of the Bruins Diehards podcast. When Nick is not writing, broadcasting or simply watching hockey as a fan, he is likely watching mixed martial arts/UFC. Yes, Nick likes fighting in the NHL.

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