I know a lot of fans are pissed off right now. The Bruins are on the brink of being eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the second consecutive year, and the most common way to react is to be infuriated. And rightfully so.

But the fact of the matter is, the Bruins have not been eliminated yet. There’s still a chance. And when there’s still a chance, do you give up? If you’ve been a committed Boston Bruins fan for many years, you know that the fans and players never give up.

Tonight is a night where the fans need to chant in the streets. Tonight is a night where the roof needs to be blown off of The Garden. Tonight is a night where the Boston Bruins desperately have to defeat the Detroit Red Wings. Furthermore, tonight is the night where Bruins Diehards from around the globe need to come together, and support the very team that we have permanently integrated into our life.

But right now, it’s time to GET PUMPED UP.

(Photo via: Getty Images/Jim Rogash)

Shoutout to Barn Burner on YouTube for the epic Bruins pump up video.


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