I mean, are you even surprised? Not to be an asshole, but the Bruins have historically – over the past few years – struggled in the shootout.

Oh, and remember how easy it was to blame Claude Julien for the Bruins’ shootout struggles?

“Why the hell would Claude pick Jimmy Hayes to take the shot? Marchy hasn’t even gone yet!” Well, those times have passed. Or have they?

With the Bruins first shot in the shootout, Bruce Cassidy picked non-other than 2016 AHL MVP Kenny Agostino to put the Bruins ahead. Agostino failed to do so. 

I’m not saying Agostino is Jimmy Hayes, but the issue is, it wasn’t David Pastrnak. Or Brad Marchand. Or Patrice Bergeron. Or Anders Bjork. Or Jake DeBrusk. With the Bruins obvious struggles early on this season, it would be nice to see the team making the small decisions that could benefit their chances at making the playoffs towards the end of the season.

As the age-old cliche accurately states, the first game matters just as much as the last game. This needs to become the Bruins mentality quick if they want to be taken seriously as playoff contenders. 

Key Highlights of the Game:







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