Brad’s Got a Reputation…

On November 3, 2018, the Boston Bruins competed against the ever so tough Nashville Predators. It’s pretty safe to say that the B’s were outplayed. But that wasn’t what stuck out the most during the showdown.

At 19:58 in the first, Brad Marchand’s stick flew into the air and the whistle blew for a high stick. What the refs didn’t catch was Marchy keeping his stick to himself – in no way did his stick come near the head of Pred’s centerman, Colton Sissons. Marchy, of course, isn’t the type of player to keep quiet. He wanted an embellishment call for Sissons and the Predators – as did the entire Bruins fan base. But because our favorite agitator has this “reputation”, the refs also decided to give him another two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Just as luck would have it, Marchand was also given a ten-minute misconduct for failing to let the situation go. He skated towards Sissons, covered his head, and dropped to the ground as if he got a high stick to the face himself – warranting the cherry on top that was a 10 minute additional penalty. But if the refs had been doing their jobs, the only penalties that would have been given on the play would have been given to the Predators.

Hopefully, Monday’s game against the Dallas Stars will be a little more professional, and less controversial.

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Claire Mountcastle

Sophomore Public Relations Major and Film and Journalism minor at Anderson University.

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