No, those aren’t the Boston Bruins white jerseys

Bruins fans are mad.

It’s not about the lack of progress with contract negotiations with Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo. It’s not because insufferable Leafs fans are parading in the streets for (in their eyes) winning the Stanley Cup after signing Mitch Marner despite months of questioning his character.

What Bruins fans are mad about today is a *leaked* video of the Bruins new white uniforms. I italicized leaked because it wasn’t leaked at all, because those uniforms do not belong to the Boston Bruins. They belong to the Estevan Bruins – a team with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL).

As a fellow jersey nerd myself, I actually dig these. For the record, I dig about every single ugly jersey that has ever been created. I also tend to despise jerseys people love – for example, The Mighty Ducks teal/purple uniform was boring. And I understand that probably makes you mad. And I understand you will hate my opinion. And you can always call into our studio line live during the Bruins Diehards podcast to curse me out – 207-527-2000. Thursday’s at 4pm. #SuttlePromotion

I think we’re all in agreement that these EA Sports “Digital 6” jerseys sucked, though.

Nick Godin

In addition to running Bruins Diehards, Nick Godin has covered the Boston Bruins for various websites for over five years. He currently works for the Providence Bruins, and was a credentialed Portland Pirates writer. Nick is also a co-host of the Bruins Diehards podcast. When Nick is not writing, broadcasting or simply watching hockey as a fan, he is likely watching mixed martial arts/UFC. Yes, Nick likes fighting in the NHL.

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