An Ode to Evander Kane

By Nick Germano

Oh, where to begin.
One of the most polarizing names in the National Hockey League laced up against the Boston Bruins this past week, as Evander Kane tried to help lead his San Jose Sharks to a much-needed victory over one of the top teams in the league. Known for his “tough” antics, for some reason, Kane always seems to get put in line by Boston.

Whenever he plays against Boston, he always seems to try and bite off more than he can chew, and Bruins fans are catching on. For some silly reason, during the last few meetings of the two teams, he feels like he has the willpower and strength to take down one of the scariest men in the league in Zdeno Chara. Kane is always trying to pick fights with him and test his patience; that is, until Chara decides to retaliate.

Chara was willing to drop the gloves multiple times this weekend with Kane after being aggravated by the forward. Still, whenever it got to that point, Kane conveniently found himself hidden behind one of the referees! How ideal!

As Kane chirped Chara from behind his protectors, he received a resounding “boo” from basically everyone in attendance.
There is not a player in this league that I despise more than Evander Kane. I think he is the direct antithesis of a good role model and hockey player. His ability to build his ego up just to run away when the time calls is an absolute joke. 12 PIM with a -2 against Boston, and he has the guts to talk down to the tallest player in the league?

Lets also not forget last year’s meeting between these two teams in February. Evander Kane, being the “tough guy” he is, tried to sneak up behind Zdeno Chara, failed, and ultimately got pummeled. He would then go on a Twitter tirade, blaming the refs for his actions by claiming Chara lowered his shoulder into Kane on a hit, when in fact, his shoulders are just at his head. He received 31 PIM that game.

In conclusion, I just simply believe this man is not an excellent ambassador for the game itself. I applaud his fight for more racial equality in the league, but judging by the way he handles himself on the ice, that’s the only thing that deserves applauding. Evander Kane is a baby, and when these two teams meet again in March, he may want to swallow his pride and lay low.

Nick Germano

One thought on “An Ode to Evander Kane

  1. Nailed it! Sadly, he actually is a talented player, but decided years ago to rest on his laurels instead of working on his craft. His only redeeming quality any Bruins fan will remember is when he KO’d Matt Cooke.


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