Possible Trades for the Boston Bruins

By Nick Germano

Despite their strong showing against the Nashville Predators in Bridgestone Arena this past Tuesday, it is no secret that the Boston Bruins have been struggling to get two points. Fans on social media have seemed to take it upon themselves to decide what is best for their beloved team. Whether that be through calling for the firing of coach Bruce Cassidy, or even “leave 43 somewhere on a dark, deserted highway, in the desert.” Yes, someone actually tweeted that to me.

Cassidy has tried just about everything in the book this past month, trying to connect the puzzle pieces in every way possible. Still, it’s clear to most that this team’s success lies in players who aren’t currently on the roster, and that trades need to be made to ensure the Bruins have a legitimate shot at the Cup this year. With their core only getting older, and it is proven that Boston is a top-heavy offense, I think it’s time Sweeney comes out of hiding and adds some depth to this Bruins roster. I’m going to present three potential trade deals that I think could really benefit this Bruins team in their hopes of avenging last year’s defeat and hoisting Lord Stanley for the first time in just about a decade (Should be noted this article wouldn’t be necessary if Boston signed Ilya Kovalchuk, so thanks for the writing material, Don).

NJD Receives: D John Moore, 2021 third-round pick

BOS Receives: RW Blake Coleman, 2021 sixth-round pick

This is a deal that I would really enjoy seeing completed. Coleman is a very “under the radar” name on a weak team like New jersey that is lacking on the blue line. The Devils are in rebuild mode after a horrific start to the year, the Devils could undoubtedly use more defensive consistency in a player like John Moore. Although he doesn’t fit the rotation all of the time in Boston, with three of New Jersey’s LD becoming FA’s at the end of the 2019-20 season. John Moore gives the Devils a solid building block for the future. He is a great depth piece on the blue line, and I don’t think the Devils’ front office is going to be turning down trade talks boosting their future.

Coleman, standing at just under 6’ and weighing in at ~200 lbs., it’s not hard to tell he is a very bottom-heavy player who is very hard to get off of the puck. On pace for a 41 point season on an extremely lacking NJD team, I can only imagine what damage he could produce on David Krejci’s wing. His passing game is a weak point for him, and he is on pace for 55 PIM, but with 13 goals already this season, that would place him FOURTH on this Boston Bruins team, only trailing the “Perfection Line.”

LAK Receives F Trent Frederic, D Steven Kampfer

BOS Receives: F Tyler Toffoli (LAK retains 25% salary)

Tyler Toffoli is a name Bruins fans have been begging for on social media. Lots of people believe he is the “missing piece” to this already-strong Bruins roster. At 27 years old, with one year left on his contract, this would be a “Sweeney Signature” deal. With another tanking team in LA, they would definitely want some pieces to bolster their future roster if they’re going to be giving up one of their first-line studs.

Currently, on pace for 45 points at the top of Los Angeles’ roster, his numbers aren’t anything extraordinary for a first-line winger. But then again, neither is just about anything on the LAK roster. This team is ready to rebuild and focus on their future. Most of their core basically out of their prime (Jonathan Quick, Dustin Brown, Jeff Carter), Toffoli must believe he has a purpose beyond this club. I think the front office in LA would most likely agree.

Boston would be giving up one of their top C prospects in Frederic, and a solid depth piece on the blue line in Kampfer. With the likelihood of Toffoli exiting after this season all but certain I’m sure it’s a deal LA would be glad to settle with.

This deal allows Boston to relieve some of their extraneous defensive depth towards a top-six forward, and definitely helps their chances at making a deep playoff run this coming playoff.

NYR Receives: D John Moore, F Jakob Lauko

BOS Receives: F Chris Kreider

This trade would see Boxford native Chris Kreider leaving the team that originally drafted him with hopes of winning a cup with his hometown team in the Boston Bruins. Boston would again most likely be moving a piece of their blue-line depth, considering they have an abundance of it. As well as a middle of the pack prospect in Lauko, who could be sold on the hot streak he had in the preseason last year and his promising play in the QMJHL as well. With Kreider’s contract set to expire at the end of this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if New York ultimately held on to him. He is an assistant captain to the team and a considerable part of their identity. However, it is a business, and I think Kreider could potentially pull a “Charlie Coyle” and play for his hometown team. Kreider is a player that Krejci has proven to play well with as well: a large, physical body with plenty of offensive skill, both on and off of the puck. Currently sitting with 13 goals and 27 points on the season, he’s proven during his time in the NHL that he can create his own space. He would allow players like Krejci to be creative in getting him the puck. Massachusetts natives have faired well on this team over the past couple of years, and I think Kreider would keep up that same pace if given a chance.

ANA Receives: John Moore, 2021 conditional third-round pick (becomes second-round if BOS makes it to SCF)

BOS Receives: F Rickard Rakell

Another team sitting at the bottom of their respective conference, the Anaheim Ducks are a team on the list of lost franchises that Boston could quickly confront about a trade for a winger. Rickard Rakell is a consistent 40 point player on a team that doesn’t produce near close to the output he does. The Ducks most likely being sellers this trade season, the Swedish native could easily see himself on a plane across the country to Boston for the right price.

John Moore finds himself in another trade rumor, as Anaheim could use his help as well as the potential second-round pick to help set up their future. Rickard Rakell is a very dynamic player who could definitely suit the role of the second-line winger on this Boston squad after playing the same position all year in ANA. After putting up such incredible and consistent numbers on a bad Anaheim squad, I think the potential is limitless for Rakell in Boston. Where the questions lie is in whether or not ANA is willing to trade such a proven, young player like Rakell. With Boston a top contender in the East, it’s a pretty safe bet they have one of the best chances at representing their conference in the finals. The second/third-round pick would make things better for ANA. If Boston were to win the cup, I think a second-round pick is well worth the trouble for his duties.

Let me know your thoughts on the trade proposals above @NickCGermano on Twitter and @BruinsDiehards!

Nick Germano

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