The Boston Bruins 60 Minute Problem

What is becoming an alarming trend with this team was compounded this week when the Bruins lost not one, but two games where they were leading by 3 goals. This absolutely can not keep happening with this team. The Bruins were afforded a nice cushion in the division with their hot start. But you now have a Tampa Bay Lightning team breathing down your neck. What makes this concerning is that Tampa has 2 games in hand and are only down 6 points in the standings. The Bruins are now 50 games into this season and it’s time for them to figure this out before it’s too late.

The Bruins have 32 games to fix the issue of not playing a full 60 minutes before the playoffs start. Can they do it? You better hope they can or us fans and ultimately the team will be let down again after a promising start to the season. The Bruins, for whatever reason, just haven’t been able to figure it out yet. With the leadership on this team being one of the best in the entire NHL, what is the problem? This team is such an enigma that trying to figure them out is like trying to figure out the weather here in New England.

What I believe is needed to fix this is just play simple hockey. That sounds very clichéd, but hockey isn’t a complicated game at the heart of it. The team needs to play solid defense along with shooting pucks. And most important – play your game. The Bruins need to realize that you can impose your will on your opponent without taking your foot off the gas pedal. With all of this being said, I want to start addressing a few things that could possibly help this team out. Let me be perfectly clear here: I am far from some swami of the game. But I believe I can come up with some solutions that aren’t to far off the beaten path.

When are we going to see a move made with this team? That question seems to be a hot button issue around here. The Bruins are still in need of a move to complete the team. There is obviously no guarantee this even happens. But I suspect something is going to  happen here soon. What better way to wake this team up than a trade now? This could be perceived as a panic move, despite the Bruins still being a top 3 team in the league. I have been in on Tyler Toffoli for awhile and if the Bruins actually have it in their hip pocket, make that move now. The vast majority still wants Chris Kreider. I get that, but you can’t wait on the Rangers to make up their minds on what the plan is on him.

What else could the Bruins do you ask? How about inserting some new blood into this lineup by way of the Providence Bruins? The hot name right now is Trent Frederic. While he has elevated his game down there, I’d ask Bruins fans one question with him. Do you want him up here playing 6-10 minutes a night or keep him in Providence where he can play 15-plus minutes a night? Don’t get me wrong- I like Frederic a lot, but i’m going to go with the latter on this one. While I want change in this lineup, I don’t want his development slowed down hoping for a spark.

When it come to prospects, I like to be conservative. That is not me saying I’m right on the matter. The Bruins very well could bring him up as a spark. The fact that I’m writing this and not making moves as a GM should tell you everything. We as fans try to piece together what needs to be done, thinking we have all the right answers . We don’t, but it is fun trying to figure out exactly what is needed most days. The Bruins still have options available to them in Providence. What I fully expect is the Bruins will bring up Studnicka to ramp it up here soon.

The Bruins made a couple of moves last week by sending Brett Ritchie and David Backes to waivers. When you start to think about that, doesn’t it feel like Don Sweeney is up to something? They brought up Karson Kuhlman and he had an immediate impact with two helpers in a win Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Bruins just might see if he can help deliver a spark to this team. I like his game, but my gut says the Bruins brass want more. There is no way the team can be satisfied with the lack of focus or however you want to describe this team. Overall, change IS coming.

With a ton of focus being on a top-6 winger, let’s not forget the other needs on this team. The Bruins desperately need a right shot defenseman. We keep waiting on Kevan Miller to return, but he hasn’t played meaningful hockey in quite some time. I wouldn’t bet against on him getting back, but I also wouldn’t wait on him either. We got an update from Bruce Cassidy on the status of Connor Clifton. The news wasn’t totally great as he is expected back sometimes in February. The Bruins need to really shore up the right side of the ice as John Moore found himself in the dog house again yesterday against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Bruins have a little over a month before the trade deadline hits. Let’s hope our beloved team has their guy lined up before the deadline. The last 32 games are going to be very telling, so Bruins fans need to buckle up. What has started out as a very  promising season can come crashing down in an instant. And Bruins can we figure this out please? Thanks!

With that being said enjoy your time with family and friends. Let’s have some healthy, positive talk on the Bruins moving forward!


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