David Pastrnak, the All Star Game, and how will this affect the rest of his season

By Justin Andre

David Pastrnak at the NHL All-Star Game 2020

We all know our beloved David Pastrnak, a 23-year-old sensation of the Boston Bruins. Pastrnak was selected as the captain of the Atlantic Division All-Stars at this year’s NHL All-Star game in St. Louis.

Pastrnak is currently having a career year, putting up an NHL leading 37 goals, as well as 70 points in 51 games played before the All-Star break. Did he live up to the hype during the actual All-Star game? Absolutely. Pastrnak put up 4 goals and 2 assists in 2 games played for the Atlantic All-Stars, including a hat trick against the Metropolitan Division in game 1. Pasta’s performance won him the honours as the 2020 NHL All-Star Game MVP.

This massive performance from Pastrnak is no surprise to all of Bruins nation, but what does this mean heading towards the last part of the season? To me, this performance is the best possible outcome for the Bruins star forward. The All-Star break happens to fall during the Bruins bye week, which gives the Bruins some more time to refresh for the final stretch of the season. Pastrnak is the only Bruins player who has had much of any work with hockey during this stretch.

Pastrnak playing in this game shows that he is still fresh, and a full week off will reset any issues he may have been having, so he is fully ready for the playoff push. With recent year struggles for the team coming off the bye week, they need someone to still be fresh off of playing so little to no rust can be shown as an advantage for at least one person on the ice.

Will he continue his legendary pace of scoring en route to winning the Rocket Richard Trophy and possibly the Art Ross Trophy? It is very possible at this point, and Bruins nation is ready to run on Pasta until late June. Pastrnak will be absolutely prepared for the Bruins next game in Winnipeg on Friday, January 31, with fresh legs, a new attitude and a sharp mind to help get the Bruins in playoff form for the drive for the Stanley Cup once again.


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