The Bruins find their Enforcer

The Bruins have a long history of enforcers in their franchise. You’ve heard the names: Taz, Wensink, and Stock. Just to name a few. What the Bruins got last night was a new enforcer in the old vet David Krejci. The 6′ 0″ Czech has had enough of all the talk of this team needing a fighter. So he decided to throw down with Joe Pavelski in the second period in Boston last night. The man who is largely known for being the second line center on this team will now be dishing out punishment going forward.

The look of joy says it all….

What can you say about the guy? The team needed a boost and he delivered with an array of right hands. The Bruins fans found their man. I was rendered speechless watching this (something that is a miracle in itself!) What do you think Bruins fans – do we now have our newest fighter? The precedent is set now people: take a run at someone and Krejci will get you. This is just the latest in his career and he’s added a new wrinkle to his game. Opponents beware – a new sheriff is in town!

When the new Alpha dropped the gloves it woke his team up and got the engines running, much to the delight of Bruce Cassidy. The Bruins would ultimately win this game 4-3 against a very good Dallas team. The Bruins now lead the Lightning by 7 points in the Atlantic Division with two huge games coming up next week. The Bruins can really put a stranglehold on Tampa IF they can win both games.

The Bruins have 18 games remaining in the schedule before the fun really begins. The team is ready for the stretch run with their latest pick ups in Ondrej Kase and Nick Ritchie. How those two perform, in particular Kase, will go a long way in this teams success. I urge caution however. When evaluating the new players, keep in mind that chemistry takes time to develop. The Bruins have a solid team still and will be a problem to other teams going forward.

That is all for now, I just wanted to do a fun article on this Friday. We have enough stuff going on in this world. I figured I’d try something different. Just like David Krejci. Keep this in mind: Heroes come and go, BUT Krejci will live on forever. Have a good day everyone enjoy the weekend. Go Bruins!


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