NHL Postpones Season Due to COVID-19

The NHL just announced this afternoon that the 2019-2020 season will be postponed until further notice due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

There are still more than a handful of games left to play and the Bruins are currently on top of the leader board. Commissioner Gary Bettman said he hopes the league will continue play “as soon as it is appropriate and prudent.”

What does this mean for the NHL? Will the virus affect the playoffs? Will there be any more regular season games this season? If there is going to be a postseason will fans be in attendance?

The NHL is already tossing ideas back and forth for their next steps. The NHL is throwing around the idea of allowing seven more regular season games to be played to give wild card teams an opportunity to break into the postseason. The NHL also mentioned they could be skipping directly to the playoffs, with several rounds of the playoffs adopting a best-of-five format.

Media availability had already been cancelled until further notice on Monday. It is still unknown as to whether or not it will resume when play resumes.

This is truly heartbreaking. And of course it all has to happen when the Bruins are on top.

Claire Mountcastle

Sophomore Public Relations Major and Film and Journalism minor at Anderson University.

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