A Former Bruin Took A Stance On Pizza’s Most Heated Debate

Article by: Joe Russo

With the emergence of social media in the 21st century, no debate has held more vitriol than that of “does pineapple belong on pizza?” While you’ll have a difficult time combing through the motley crew of contestants ranging from internet trolls who pledge allegiance to nothing, to people projecting an image of something they truly aren’t, or that guy who studied abroad in Italy. One constant is that you are either for or against pineapple on your pizza.

A quick google search of “social media pineapple on pizza argument” will lead you down a weird but fascinating rabbit hole. Headlines vary between “U.S. cybersecurity agency uses pineapple pizza to demonstrate vulnerability to foreign influence” to “Are Russians using Pineapple-on-pizza debate to divide Americans?” and to a personal favorite: “The pineapple on pizza debate is tearing us apart”. Sigh. The glory of the internet.

Over the last month or so, NESN has done a tremendous job airing both Red Sox and Bruins classic championship runs. Which in our current climate, anything “feel good” is just what the doctor ordered. Rich Peverley is about as underrated as can be when looking back on the Bruins historic run to a Stanley Cup Championship. Lost in the lore of Tim Thomas’ nightly larceny, David Krejci solidifying himself as a big-time playoff player, or Horton’s discovering his clutch gene, bottom six players are the first to be overlooked. But to the players involved the first to be talked about. To quote Doc Emerick moments prior to Horton’s game seven winner against Tampa: “It is often the 3rd and 4th line guys”.

Had the Swiss army knife played hockey, it would likely have been called Rich Peverley. Comparable to Coyle (not in the sense of frame or style) but rather his ability to play up and down the lineup where needed and provide an offensive spark.

Personal bias aside, yesterday was a big day for the pro-pineapple camp.

Fresh off a dominant victory on the road in a do or die Game 7 for sports greatest trophy, Rich needed not beer nor champagne. “Pass me a slice of Hawaiian pizza, Don (Delnegro)”. That night was one small victory for pro-pineapple pizza and also one massive rallying cry for an entire city.

Stay safe, stay healthy Bruins Diehards.

Joe Russo

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