Torey Krug’s Top 3 Boston Bruins Moments

As most people already know, Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug is officially an unrestricted free agent. Bruins fans have been tirelessly demanding for him to be re-signed since earlier this year, however, we must come to terms that this is unlikely to happen.

Just this morning, Krug addressed the media and said some not-so-promising things. He mentioned that he is “very opposed” to a short-term contract and also stated, “I don’t really know what the future holds in terms of the coming weeks.” He went on to say he has an “emotional attachment” to the Bruins.

So, yeah, this one is going to hurt. Instead of droning on about this unfortunate news, I want to focus on the good times. Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened, right?

1. 4 Goals in 5 Games

The Bruins faced the New York Rangers in the 2013 Eastern Conference Semifinals and won the series 4-1. Krug was one of the standout stars of the series, scoring four goals throughout five games. Krug was playing in his first-ever NHL postseason, so this immediately put him on the map as a fan-favorite in Boston. Check it out here:


2. Antics with Brad Marchand

Although this has nothing to do with his skill or ability, Krug’s ongoing jokes with Marchand will never be forgotten. The two have gone at it for years, frequently chirping each other over their height (or lack thereof.) Here’s one of the several videos they’ve posted on social media:

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3. Hit on Robert Thomas

I saved the best for last. My favorite memory has to be Krug’s massive hit on Robert Thomas of the St. Louis Blues. Although the 2019 Stanley Cup Final held a bitter ending for Bruins fans, this hit gave everyone a beacon of hope. This monstrous hit on a player who is bigger than Krug himself made a huge statement and just goes to show Krug will never shy away from being physical. He didn’t even have his helmet on and still showed no sign of fear. Although he is smaller than the average NHL player, this is just one of many times Krug has put his body on the line for his teammates.

Relive it in all it’s glory:

To top off an already frustrating second-round exit, the Krug news stings a little bit more than it should. It would’ve been glorious to have him raise the Cup with this current Bruins squad, but just like any sport, hockey is a business. There is just no cap space to accommodate what Krug is actually worth. Seeing him don another jersey will be difficult to get used to, but we’re lucky we got to have him to ourselves for so long. Hopefully, he knows how appreciated he is by the Bruins and their fans. I know I speak for everyone when I say we wish him nothing but success in his bright future.


Caylee Allard

Diehard Bruins fan and hockey fan in general. Passionate about writing and all things sports-related.

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