We always wanted Bruins Diehards to become something big. We always wanted our Twitter to go viral, and wanted to make a positive effect on the Bruins community. We just never thought it would ACTUALLY be this big. And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Honestly, the support we have received from Bruins fans and hockey fans all over the internet is overwhelming. Bruins fans are the greatest fans on the planet, and we just want to give back to all of you. Therefore, we are happy to be introducing the official @BruinsDiehards website. Twitter has been our home for many years, so think of this as your third home away from your second home away from your actual physical home.

What we attempt to achieve with this website is to create another platform and community where Bruins fans can interact and be themselves. In other words, think of Bruins Diehards as your go-to place to have a few drinks (if you are 21 or older, of course) and indulge in the Boston hockey community. That’s what we’ve been doing for years on Twitter, and that’s what we hope to do with the site.

Thank you!

Nick and Mark



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